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Workshops for choirs

As an experienced singing teacher, choir conductor and soloist Gjertrud Lunde offers choir workshops where she teaches a universal singing technique that applies to genres such as classical, jazz or pop.

With creative and fun exercises and activities Gjertrud Lunde has inspired choirs nationally and internationally. Also the choir leaders have received new ideas and motivation for a further development of the choir.

Here you can download the broschure as a pdf:


  1. Singing technique

    1. Correct breathing
    2. Support
    3. Posture
    4. Vocal resonace
    5. Relaxation / right energy
    6. Articulation
    7. Intonation

  2. Vocal challenges in the choirs own repertoire

    1. Tips and advices for each voice group
    2. Special techniqual challenges
    3. Exercises in effortless learningby heart

  3. Stage precense

    1. Exercises to improvevocal expression, communication and presence
    2. Exercises to improve the self-confidence and presentation
    3. Exercises for improved body awareness
    4. Exercises for improved group awareness


Gjertrud Lunde

Tel: 0221-2719156