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Gjertrud Lunde

(NO / DE)


Florian Zenker


Guitar / Baritone guitar / Elektronics

Wolfert Brederode


Piano / Rhodes

Bodek Janke

(PL / DE)

Perc. / Drums

Guest: Arve Henriksen



When a Norwegian singer with a background in early music, classical, jazz and world, composes music in Germany for her debut album, one may naturally expect the music to cross styles and borders.

Hjemklang is an evocative collection of songs that invites the listener on a homeward journey whilst simultaneously leaving a retrospective impression of the road travelled.

The word „Hjemklang“ comprises two norwegian words: hjem (home) and klang (sound). Together they sound similar to the Norwegian word “gjenklang” (resound / reverb) which is reflected in the singer’s self-composed songs and her arrangements of ancient Norwegian psalms and folk tunes.

The music is ageless, allowing the listeners to make a journey through folky rhythms or to find themselves surrounded by impressionistic sound-paintings. There is music to make the listener stop and reflect, and grooves to make them move.

The members of Gjertrud Lunde’s band, have all been performing, either as main artists or as sidemen with various ensembles throughout Europe, Africa, Arabia, Asia, USA and Canada.

The renowned, Dutch ECM pianist Wolfert Brederode is a personal and poetic voice in the today’s jazz scene and adds his very own open and refined style to the music.

The German guitarist Florian Zenker is known for his innovative, electronic sound-scapes which give the music a homogeneous flow. In this unusual line-up, which contains no bass, he also plays baritone guitar and adds a defined edge to the songs.

The award winning, Polish-born drummer and percussionist, Bodek Janke (settled in Cologne), is perhaps one of the most versatile drummers of the European jazz- and world music scene today. In this project he’s able to employ all shades of variety and expression. He easily transcends all genres and merges them into one unit.

With his very recognizable, flute-like sound, the celebrated trumpet player from Norway, Arve Henriksen (ECM), enhances the music with a guest appearance on Gjertrud Lunde’s album.